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Welcome to the DL.Getchu.com!
DL.Getchu.com is the Cosplay & Doujin pay-per download websites in Japan.
We offer easy and instant online access to many hentai doujin games, movies, manga(doujin-shi), adult cosplay movies, and cosplay photos all over the world!

How to Purchase Products.

This page will guide you how to purchase products in DL.Getchu.com for English Users. All of the products are in digital format and available for download 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. User registration is for free and there is no membership fee or fixed charges.

However, please note that:
All products for adults on DL.Getchu.com are censored in accordance with the Japanese law. All products on DL.Getchu.com are in Japanese only unless otherwise stated.
*Please note that DL.Getchu.com does not provide products by mail order.

If you are using VISA , MasterCard, please refer to [ How to use VISA , MasterCard ]. If you are using JCB card, please refer to [ Using JCB Credit Cards ].

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Although you can purchase our products as a guest user without registration, only members can enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges.
DL.Getchu.com lists over 20,000 products for sale with wide-ranging genres. For more details, please refer to [ About Creating an Account ].

Necessary Tools

Extraction Tools
All DL.Getchu.com's products are compressed in ZIP or LZH format.
To open file, you need to extract it with a decompression tools.
We recommend free software [ Lhasa ].

Adobe Reader
Access the following download link (a new window pops up) to install the program.
After installation, the files in PDF format can be opened simply by double-clicking it.
[ Download Adobe Reader ]