Q.What is the difference between members and guest users?

  • Members can enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges. You can sign up instantly for free, no obligation. The main difference between members and guest users is detailed below.

    Members can download products they have purchased an unlimited number of times, for free. The only exception is the discontinuation of the sale of a product upon the circle's request. Guest users can download products only within 7 days of purchase.

    Rating a purchased product is rewarded with points. Points can be used to pay for additional products.
    1point = 1Japanese Yen

    When a purchased product is updated or revised, members can get the latest versio by re-downloading the product, for free.

    Members may add products they want to purchase in the future to their My Favorite.

    To become a member, please go to [ Create a new account ].

Q.I forget my password.

  • Please go to [ Password Reminder ] and type your E-mail address. It will automatically send your password to your E-maill address.

Q.I forget my ID.

  • Contact at [ Guest Users Support ] and ask your ID. Please make sure to type your E-mail address when you create your account.

Q.How can I delete my account?

  • You can cancel your membership anytime for any reason. If you wish to delete your account, please login and go to [ Members Support ]. And send us message that you wish to delete your account.