Q.About Security.

  • DL.Getchu.com is an SSL Certificate site trusted by Symantec Websire Security G.K. to deliver its content to customers safely and securely.
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Q.How do I make payment with credit card?

Q.I purchased a product by mistake.

  • We are currently unable to refund or exchange any purchase, regardless of circumstance, due to the protocols of downloadable content delivery.
    Please take care when confirming a purchase that it is for the specific product you want and it is compatible with your PC/Mac.

Q.How do I use points?

  • Login and add items in Shopping Cart. Enter the number of points you wish to use and click the [ Update ] button. After that please choose your payment methods.
how to use points

Q.I have not received the purchase confirmation mail.

  • When you make a purchase as guest user, we send the confirmation mail immediately. If you don't see a confirmation mail in your inbox, please check your spam folder as well. If you don't receive a mail from us, it maybe you type your E-mail incorrectly.
    Please check [ nondelivery E-mail list ] and contact at [ Guest Users Support ].

Q.Can I re-download a product that I purchased as guest?

  • For any products you purchased as a guest, repeat downloads will only be available for 7 days from the date of the purchase.

Q.Can I use a free E-mail address for the purchase?

  • Yes. However, a failure or delay in E-mail delivery sometimes occurs with free E-mail accounts such as Yahoo, gmail, etc. If the problem recurs, we recommend you to use an alernative E-mail address. Also, if you are using an account that has strong spam filter protection, you may need to add @dl.getchu.com to your allow list to receive E-mails from us.

Q.When I use credit-card payment I keep getting error message.

  • Make sure your card information is entered correctly.
    Make sure your card is valid for international use.
    Make sure your card is a credit card. Purchases with check/debit/prepaid card are not officially supported.
    Please allow some time and try again later as it may be a temporary error.
    Check the settings of 3-D Secure of your card.

    If the error continues, the charge to your card from DL.Getchu.com is rejected for some reason. We cannot tell its cause on our end, and you need to contact your card issuer for more information. If this is the case, you may try with alternative cards.