Q.I can't open the downloaded files.

  • All DL.Getchu.com's products are compressed in ZIP or LZH format.
    To open file, you need to extract it with a decompression tools.
    We recommend free software [ Lhasa ].

Q.I can't watch the movies.

  • It maybe codec is not be installed in your PC.
    Please try free software called [ GOM Media Player ] at once.

Q.A virus has been detected.

  • Regarding security software, we have confirmed that anti-virus tools, especially the ones that are provided for free, sometimes affect the download process of the file, such as a warning appears during the download and the download is canceled.

    One possible cause is the size of the file is too large to process the scan in real time. Please turn off your software's real-time scan function temporarily when downloading the file.
    After the download is complete, turn on your anti-virus software again and make sure that the file contains no virus.

    Regarding Japanese fonts, we have confirmed that anti-virus tools sometimes falsely recognize text information as a security threat.
    DL.Getchu.com carefully checks its products using the latest versions of all available anti-virus tools.
    Please rest assured and make use of our website with a sense of security.

How can I install the Japanese language pack?

  • If an error occurs when you click the application file ("XXX.exe"),
    or if the text appears to be garbled or displayed as question marks, you may need to install the Japanese language pack.

    Games programmed in Japanese may contain 2-byte Japanese characters which are machine-dependent.
    They may prevent you from displaying the product correctly, or starting the product file or cause errors while viewing.
    Please do the following:

    Delete the product file from your PC if it was downloaded and extracted.
    According to your OS, complete the change to Regional and Language Options (see the following).
Windows 8
Press the Windows key + C, and click on [ Settings ].
Select [ Change PC settings ] (on the bottom).
On the [ General ] tab, click on [ Language Preferences ] in Languages.
Click on [ Add Language ].
Select [ Japanese ] from the list, add and confirm. Japanese appears in your language list.
To the right of Japanese, find [ Option ] link. Click on [ Download and install the language pack ].

Then, on the same [ Language ] window, find [ Location ] link on the lower-left corner.
Click on it to show the [ Region ] window. Please do the following to change the system locale of your PC:
Click on [ Adminstrative ] tab.
Click the [ Change system locale... ] button.
Click the drop-down list to select [ Japanese (Japan) ].
Click [ OK ] and confirm changes. Restart PC so that the update takes effect.

Windows Vista /
Windows 7
Click on [ Start ] then [ Control Panel ].
Click on [ Clock, Language, and Region ], then on [ Regional and Language Options ].
Click the [ Change system locale... ] button in the [ Adminstrative ] tab (rightmost tab).
On Region and Language Settings window, click the drop-down list for Current system locale.
Find and select [ Japanese (Japan) ].
Click [ OK ] and confirm changes. Restart PC so that the update takes effect.

If Japanese was not in the drop-down list please follow these instructions:
Click on [ Start ] then [ Control Panel ].
Find [ Windows Update ] and select [ Check for Updates ].
Find [ Japanese Language Pack ] in available optional updates.
Install the language pack. Log off Windows then log on again so that the update takes effect.

Windows XP
Click on [ Start ], [ Settings ] then [ Control Panel ].
Click on [ Language, and Regional Options ].
Click the [ Regional Option ] tab, and then select [ Japanese ] from the drop-down menu to install.
Click Advanced tab, and then select Japanese from the drop-down menu.
Click [ OK ] and confirm changes. Restart PC so that the update takes effect.

Check all Japanese-related codes on the [ Advanced ] tab in [ Language, and Regional Options ],
or those may not be default on your OS. The main codes for Japanese is as following:

MAC - Japanese
Japanese Katakana Extended
JIS X 0208-1990&0212-1990

Windows 2000
Click on [ Start ], [ Settings ] then [ Control Panel ].
Click on [ Regional Options ].
Click on the [ General ] tab, then check the box of [ Japanese ] in [ Language settings for the system ].
Make sure that your language is set to default, then click [ OK ].
A prompt appears asking to insert the Windows 2000 CD.
Insert the CD and click [ OK ].
When the installation is complete, a prompt appears requesting to restart PC. Click [ OK ].


You need to download the file once again with the new language settings.

Download the product again from DL.Getchu.com, extract it then open the application file on your computer.

Q.How do I watch protected products?

  • Please try Internet Explorer to download. And make sure your Internet Explorer are accept JavaScript and ActiveX.
    If this dosen't work, please try uninstall the decode tool [ Pirates Buster for e-Book/Application ] and re-install it.

Q.I keep getting Adobe Reader Password Error.

  • You need to installed software called [ KeyringPDF ]. This software is needed to open the *.krm file.
    Please open files as using KeyringPDF.